• Opera and the need for interpretation

    By Danielle D'Ornellas

    Recently, the National Post published two opposing opinion pieces regarding the relevance of opera today and, in particular, the Canadian Opera Company’s role in that discussion: one was published on February 22 by Terence Corcoran, and one by Robert Cushman which ran on March 1. We have truncated them both below with links to the full pieces for your perusal.

    Keeping in mind that all opinions are important to us, we appreciate Mr. Cushman’s ability to articulate in print what we strive so hard to illustrate on stage – that the very nature of the performing arts is one of constant mutability, one that responds to an ever-changing cultural landscape and social environment, and one that is the result of the inevitability of interpretation.

    A philosophy central to the Canadian Opera Company’s artistic mandate is not to simply accept the status quo, but to find meanings in these great works of art that haven’t been found before, and, by gathering together the world’s finest artists, we strive to contribute to a continuously evolving engagement with these profound explorations of the human condition.

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  • 30 years of Cooper Shoots

    By Gianna Wichelow


    It’s hard to imagine that photographer Michael Cooper has been capturing COC productions on his camera for the past 30 years. Maybe it’s all the running around from one side of the auditorium to the other, and climbing over seats that keeps him so youthful and fit. Either that, or he started working with us when he was in elementary school. In any case, this bodes well for another 30 years!

    You can read more of Michael’s history with the COC in our magazine Prelude, or by listening to an interview of Michael in conversation listening to an interview of Michael in conversation in the video below. You can also visit his website here: http://www.coopershoots.com

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  • #ArtHour Recap

    By Cecily Carver Posted in Opera Appreciation

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