The COC Orchestra

The COC Orchestra—the oldest opera orchestra in Canada—comprises more than 50 permanent instrumentalists and has received worldwide acclaim for its musical versatility and range of expression. Under German-born conductor Johannes Debus, who was appointed Music Director of the Canadian Opera Company in 2009, the orchestra continues to excel in a wide variety of repertoire, achieving “almost otherworldly perfection” (Globe and Mail).

  • Violin I
    • Marie Bérard*, Concertmaster
    • Aaron Schwebel, Associate Concertmaster
    • Jamie Kruspe, Assistant Concertmaster
    • Anne Armstrong
    • Sandra Baron
    • Bethany Bergman
    • Nancy Kershaw
    • Dominique Laplante
    • Yakov Lerner
    • Jayne Maddison
    *The Concertmaster's chair has been endowed in perpetuity by Joey and Toby Tanenbaum.
    Violin II
    • Paul Zevenhuizen, Principal
    • Csaba Koczó, Assistant Principal
    • James Aylesworth
    • Elizabeth Johnston
    • Aya Miyagawa
    • Louise Tardif
    • Joanna Zabrowarna
    • Keith Hamm, Principal
    • Joshua Greenlaw, Assistant Principal
    • Catherine Gray
    • Sheila Jaffé
    • Beverley Spotton
    • Yosef Tamir
    • Paul Widner, Assistant Principal
    • Maurizio Baccante
    • Olga Laktionova
    • Elaine Thompson

    • Robert Speer, Assistant Principal
    • Tom Hazlitt
    • Paul Langley
    • Douglas Stewart, Principal
    • Shelley Brown
    • Shelley Brown
    • Mark Rogers, Principal
    • Lesley Young
    English Horn
    • Lesley Young
    • Colleen Cook
    Bass Clarinet
    • Colleen Cook
    • Eric Hall, Principal
    • Lisa Chisolm
    • Lisa Chisolm
    French Horn
    • Gary Pattison
    • Bardhyl Gjevori
    • Janet Anderson
    • Robert Weymouth, Principal
    • Charles Benaroya, Principal
    • Ian Cowie
    Bass Trombone
    • Herbert Poole
    • Scott Irvine, Principal
    • Sarah Davidson, Principal
    Personnel Manager and Library
    Personnel Manager
    • Ian Cowie
    Music Librarian
    • Wayne Vogan
    Assistant Librarian
    • Ondrej Golias
    Stage Librarian
    • Paul Langley

    October 15, 2018, 10:00 a.m. at
    Canadian Opera Company
    227 Front St. E
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Canadian Opera Company reserves the right to invite selected candidates to audition.

    Application deadline: September 15, 2018

    Remuneration for Principal Horn, 2018/2019 Season:
    $411.11 per service, 120 service minimum, 10.5% AFM EPW

    The musicians of the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra are members of the Canadian Federation of Musicians.

    The repertoire list is available by email and in PDF form here.

    Interested applicants please send their completed resume, including name, address, telephone number and name of affiliate AFM Local by September 15, 2018 to:

    Ian Cowie
    Orchestra Personnel Manager
    Canadian Opera Company
    227 Front St. E
    Toronto, ON M5A 1E8


    Les auditions nationales auront lieu le 15 octobre 2018 à 10h00 au
    Canadian Opera Company
    227 Front St. E
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Canadian Opera Company se réserve le droit d'inviter certains candidats choisis pour les auditions. 

    Date limite de candidateurs: le 15 september 2018

    Rémunération pour cor solo, saison 2018/2019
    $411.11 par service, minimum de 120 services, 10.5% AFM EPW

    Les musiciens du Canadian Opera Company Orchestra sont membres de la fédération canadienne des musiciens.

    La liste de répertoire est disponible par courriel et ici (pdf).

    Les musiciens intéressés sont priés de faire parvenir leur curriculum vitae, incluant leur nom, adresse, numéro de téléphone, courriel, et leur affiliation syndicale avant le 15 september, 2018 à

    Ian Cowie
    Orchestra Personnel Manager
    Canadian Opera Company Orchestra
    227 Front St. E
    Toronto, ON M5A 1E8

Music Director Johannes Debus and the COC Orchestra (2018), photo: Gaetz Photography

Phone: 416-363-8231

Toll Free: 1-800-250-4653

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