The COC Chorus

The COC Chorus is made up of professional singers, some of whom have worked with the company for more than 20 years.

The size of the chorus varies according to the musical needs of the repertoire, but the Chorus normally has around 40 singers, divided equally between men and women.

From time to time, chorus singers are assigned smaller solo roles in addition to their chorus duties.

Because the Chorus is not considered a full-time occupation, most members of the Chorus also have day jobs. There are teachers, office workers, university professors—some even work in COC administration!

Sandra Horst and the Canadian Opera Company Chorus are generously underwritten by Tim and Frances Price.


Auditions for the Chorus take place each year in January and all chorus members are required to audition. All chorus members are, or are required to become, members of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.

Interested in auditioning to become a member of the COC Chorus? Call the Administrative Assistant to the Music Department at 416-363-6671. The deadline to apply for a chorus audition is December 31.
  • Sopranos
    • Rebecca Apps
    • Lindsay Barrett
    • Christina Bell
    • Mary Bella
    • Stacie Carmona
    • Katy Clark
    • Virginia Hatfield
    • Ilona Karan
    • Leanne Kaufman
    • Alexandra Lennox
    • Ingrid Martin
    • Caitlin McCaughey
    • Eve Rachel McLeod
    • Kathleen (Katie) Murphy
    • Victoria Pinnington
    • Jennifer Robinson
    • Teresa van der Hoeven
    • Carrie Wiebe
    • Ilana Zarankin
    • Marianne Bindig
    • Susan Black
    • Sandra Boyes
    • Wendy Hatala Foley
    • Erica Iris Huang
    • Lilian Kilianski
    • Kathryn Knapp
    • Erin Lawson
    • Anne McWatt
    • Karen Olinyk
    • Lyndsay Promane
    • Megan Quick
    • Marianne Sasso
    • Michelle Siemens
    • Lisa Spain
    • Vilma Indra Vītols
    • Cindy Won
    • Vanya Abrahams
    • Tonatiuh Abrego
    • Fabian Arciniegas
    • Stephen Bell
    • Taras Chmil
    • Stephen Erickson
    • William Ford
    • John Kriter
    • Jason Lamont
    • James Leatch
    • Stephen McClare
    • Derrick Paul Miller
    • Kevin Myers
    • Eric Olsen
    • Joshua Wales
    • Byung Jun Yoon
    • Grant Allert
    • Kenneth Baker
    • Peter Barnes
    • Sung Chung
    • Jesse Clark
    • Bruno Cormier
    • Michael Downie
    • Aaron Durand
    • Keith Lam
    • Kyle Lehmann
    • Jason Nedecky
    • Keith O'Brien
    • Michael Sproule
    • Michael Uloth
    • Jan Vaculik
    • Peter Wiens
    • Marcus Wilson
    • Dylan Wright
    • Gene Wu
    • Michael York

Photo credit: A scene from the Canadian Opera Company production of Peter Grimes, 2013, photo: Michael Cooper


Phone: 416-363-8231

Toll Free: 1-800-250-4653

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