• NOTES: Jane Archibald's Diary

    By COC Staff

    We asked Jane Archibald, the COC’s 2017/2018 Artist-in-Residence, to keep a daily(ish) diary during a very busy April in which she made her title role debut in Stravinsky’s The Nightingale and Other Short Fables, jetted to the East Coast for a recital program in Halifax, and attended to some of the less glamorous tasks of being an international opera star, from power-washing the deck furniture to filing her taxes.[READ MORE]
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  • To err is human

    By Jane Archibald (COC Artist-in-Residence)


    Jane Archibald, illustration by Arpanaa Das

    Guest Writer


    “To err is human,” as the saying goes, and opera singers are as human as anybody else, despite attaining Olympian high notes. In this issue, our Artist-in-Residence reflects on the surprisingly liberating experience of making mistakes on stage, as well as the seemingly unavoidable blight of all live performers: the wardrobe malfunction. New in this issue, we’ve teamed up with Toronto-based visual designer Arpanaa Das for a series of illustrations inspired by Jane's stories.
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  • Notes Issue 3

    By COC Staff


    A Conversation with

    As part of their work in the COC’s Company-in-Residence program, Against the Grain Theatre has been developing a new opera led by Artistic Director Joel Ivany and Music Director Topher Mokrzewski. BOUND takes Handel arias and ensembles, reconstructs them through a new interpretation by composer Kevin Lau, and layers the music against new English-language texts by Ivany, drawn from real world events. In the leadup to tonight’s opening, we asked AtG Founding Member and Ensemble Studio graduate Miriam Khalil to share her thoughts on the challenging process of creating art that responds to contemporary realities of persecution, oppression, and asylum.

    In BOUND each artist’s performance is informed by a real-life story in the news. What’s the background of the character you portray?

    My character is based in part on Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, a Muslim American journalist who was detained upon her arrival at an airport in France and forced to remove her hijab under threat of deportation.

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