• Life on the Road with Anna Bolena's Keri Alkema

    By COC Staff

    One of the perks of having the Hilton Toronto as your Artist Hosting Sponsor is that sometimes we get a behind-the-scenes peek at what’s going on across the street from the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts!

    After hearing about the Hilton Toronto’s freshly renovated top floor suites, the Canadian Opera Company was curious for a closer look and arranged for Keri Alkema, who sings Giovanna Seymour in the COC’s Anna Bolena, to visit.

    From last October to the end of February, the Hilton Toronto’s 32nd floor was completely transformed by Sarah Richardson Design Inc., who put her signature touch on each of the updated executive suites.  Named after various areas around the city, each suite has a unique design and offers an atmosphere of comfort and quiet luxury, making them feel less like hotel rooms and more like your own personal condo.

    Keri was the perfect artist to help us explore these new spaces—especially since she stayed at the hotel during one of her first auditions for the COC!

    As an opera singer, Keri also knows first-hand what it means to create a temporary home away from home. Opera singers travel A LOT—sometimes for months at a time—so, being able to find comfort while on the road is a must.

    Come along as we explored the stunning Kensington Suite.

    Create a designated space to focus, review music, or even prepare for an upcoming engagement. In addition to singing in the COC’s 
    Anna Bolena, Keri is performing a concert on May 22 at 12 p.m. in the COC’s Free Concert Series
    in the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre.


    Your bedroom is your sanctuary. A spacious room with a comfy bed is essential….
    and an ensuite bathroom with a soaker tub doesn’t hurt either!

    Who doesn’t love some room to entertain…. or even strike a pose! 
    Seriously, how nice to have a table to sit around family-style when having friends over before or after a show.


    A space with great light makes life away from home that much more enjoyable—perfect for that morning cup of tea or absolutely essential sip of coffee when you spent the night before exploring the city until 2 a.m.…not that that’s what happened here…

    Have a space to just kick back and relax.
    A room with a view is great, but a room with a view that adjoins another room is even better!


    For Keri Alkema, more space = more room to be silly.
    (Plus we really wanted to show off the fabulous floor to ceiling windows that made giving back the key to the room at the end of our visit that much harder to do.)

    Stay tuned for more “Keri at the Hilton” as she learns how to make some of her favourite post-show cocktails and journeys into the Tundra kitchen with Executive Chef Kevin Prendergast!

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