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    By COC Staff

    Through our Opera Under 30 program, young cultural omnivores can sample a fusion of music, drama, choreography, and design—all at a smooth $22/ticket.

    We asked some of these arts lovers how they discovered opera and what keeps them coming back.

    An opera couple

    Julien and Elena

    “We were both raised in Europe by opera lovers and had the chance to see beautiful productions at a relatively young age. Soon after we met, we started to go to the opera house together. But the truth is opera is not always affordable for a young couple, especially in large European capitals. Following our move to Toronto, we were thrilled to discover that the Canadian Opera Company offers deals for the under-30 crowd—shows held in a gorgeous venue, with great acoustics, and world-class programming. That photo is us after being upgraded to the orchestra section for one of our favorite operas, Verdi’s Rigoletto  :) Thanks COC for giving young people that opportunity; everyone should have access to the beauty of opera at least once.”


    The total experience


    “I love the opera for its use of classical music, elaborate sets, and dramatic narratives to provide an insight into the human condition. At the Canadian Opera Company, I am consistently impressed by the intimacy and range of the human voice as well as with their excellent orchestra. I am grateful for the opportunities provided by COC's Opera Under 30 program to access this multi-disciplinary art form.”


    Breaking out of the shell


    “When I moved out on my own at the age of 21, suddenly I had to do a lot of things by myself. This thought terrified me, as I was fairly shy and alone in a new city. Going to the opera had been a dream of mine, but it felt so out of reach. The opera seemed opulent and sophisticated in a way that I never imagined myself to be or confident enough to take part in. Still, one night, alone in this new city, I decided to buy myself a ticket to see Arabella. I would get dressed up and take myself out for a night of the music that I had been privately enjoying for years. When I got to the opera, I was surrounded by people who shared my interest and passion for the performance. I sat through my first opera experience with tears in my eyes, surprised at my own emotionally visceral reaction. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have broken out of my shyness and finally realized my passion. I have been a regular at the opera ever since.”


    Culture goals


    “I think it is innate to move and be moved by sound. Live music, especially - it feels different in your core. I have listened to so many different kinds of music, everything from world-class symphonies across the globe to marching bands in the street; big-ticket musicals in London and New York to Latin music festivals and Junkanoo in the Bahamas… but never the opera. I had wanted to experience an opera for years but, time after time, it just didn’t come together. As 2018 approached and I reflected on my plans and goals, I decided this was the year I would see an opera, no matter what. Thanks to the Opera Under 30 program, I was able to purchase tickets and experience my very first opera in January of 2018. What a beautiful experience it was. Lucky for me, there are many more months to the year, and so this will not be my only opera of the season!”

    Childhood dream


    “Since I was a little girl I’ve been dreaming about going to the opera, but it was only last year, at the age of 26, that I was finally able to attend for the first time in my life. It was breathtaking! I’ve already returned for another performance since then, and I am sure that I will come back often. I can say that what keeps me coming back again and again is the magical feeling that starts when the lights slowly turn off, and the opera spirit takes over everyone in the audience.”


    Between 16-29 years old?

    You can grab $22 tickets to our mainstage performances through the Opera Under 30 program. 

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